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Weekly Group: 



Frome Folk Singers aka Frome Folk Song Group is a weekly group meeting on Mondays in The Bennett Centre, Vicarage Street Frome. We sing traditional and contemporary folk songs and sea shanties from the British Isles, all songs are taught by ear with the words provided. There are no auditions and everyone is welcome. 

Next sessions:

6th9th/13th16th/20th23rd/27th30th January,March

6th/10th February20th April

4/11/18/25th May


7pm-8.50pm £7 drop in. 




Monthly Groups: 


Hallr Folk  is an informal choir which takes place once a month on a Saturday 2pm-4pm in the beautiful Hallr woods near Somerton in Somerset. This is an unusual opportunity to sing out in the woods around a fire. We will be singing traditional and contemporary folk songs from the British Isles, all songs are taught by ear with the words provided. There is a covered area around a wood burner for days when the weather is wet! Bring a jumper, a coat and a warm heart. 

Next sessions:

8th Feb, 7th March, 4th April, 9th May, 6th June. 2-4pm 

£6.50 Drop in.



Dora is currently running a Campfire Folk song Group monthly on Sundays in the Avalon Centre on King Street in Glastonbury, 6.30pm-8.30pm. No need to book just drop in and join in. Dora teaches traditional and contemporary folk songs and Sea Shantys from the British Isles with beautiful harmonies . The focus of these sessions is to enjoying singing together. 

Next sessions:

23rd Feb, 22nd March, 12th April, 18th May (Saturday Folk Song Day), 21st June

£7 Drop in. 



Past Workshops: 




If you are thinking of trying one of Dora’s workshops here are a few quotes from people who have been: 


"Dora’s workshops really helped me to connect with my voice, to express more and project. Her singing workshops are a great way to learn traditional songs, to harmonise with other people and to sing in a supportive environment where everyone is learning…" Matt Witt.

"I love singing with Dora, it’s a very uplifting and joyful experience. She is very patient with her groups and gets the very best out of us all." Paula Wallwork.

"Dora is inspiring, loving, funny, joyful and a fount of knowledge about Folk Music. She is a wonderful teacher. We are lucky to have her. If you want to have fun and learn how to harmonise at the same time, come along! It is FABULOUS value!"Rosie Temple Morris.

"If you are looking for a fun, relaxed way to explore your voice with other people, Dora’s workshops offer a great environment for that 🙂 I really enjoyed learning about the traditional folk songs, and the harmonies for the songs sounded beautiful all sang together
Dora was very perceptive and offered help to anyone if they were struggling with parts, style, harmony etc. Really fun!" Drew Jamieson Ben Armstrong.

"I love singing at Dora’s workshops. They are fun, easy to follow, and Dora is very encouraging. She knows so much about folk music too. Love the harmonies that she puts together. No one feels that they’re getting it wrong. A great experience." Suzy Parker.

"I highly recommend Dora’s singing group. It is relaxing, uplifting, fun and inspiring. Dora is a wonderful teacher, always laughing and smiling, and her voice is beautiful!" Jason Creed.

"Dora puts everyone at ease with a teaching approach that is natural and fully enthused with common humanity. It’s miraculous how we learn so many songs, so effortlessly, so naturally and so quickly – it’s down to Dora’s naturally expert approach." Liz Grassby.


Music Lessons: 


Dora also offers music lessons. Dora learnt to play music by ear and currently offers lessons in folk fiddle, Tin Whistle, and Singing. Please use the email form if you would like some lessons! Or call 07913601416